Arlington County Tech Rehab

Arlington County Fire

Customer Name:  Arlington County Fire
Location: Franklin, TN
Product Name: Tech Rehab
Job #: 243793


Truck Overview: 

Our team at Frontline Communications can sit down with your team and evaluate whether it is more cost effective for your group to rehab your current vehicle or upgrade to an entirely new vehicle. In this case, Arlington County Fire decided to do a rehab on their current truck. Old seating and cabinets were pulled out of the vehicle and upgraded with redesigned materials offering a more spacious and productive layout. Massive cleaning was done to old components inside the vehicle and a majority of the systems were replaced. On the exterior of the vehicle, old, unused, and broken wiring and components were replaced with upgraded tech. The A/V system has updated standards throughout the vehicle, including large touchscreen monitors, screen mirroring technologies, and sound bars all controlled through a custom designed iPad user interface. As part of a new rack layout radio systems were migrated from exterior patching and components to fully interior rack-based wiring and service points.