Federal Government

Federal Mobile Command Curbside Exterior View

Engineered for superior performance.


For over 30 years, Frontline Communications has been designing and building extraordinary custom vehicles for federal government agencies and branches of the military. From quick response vehicles for natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, to complex satellite communications vehicles used by technicians with the highest levels of security clearance, Frontline Communications' vehicles are designed for reliability.

We know that every mission is critical. That’s why Frontline Communications includes the following premium features in every vehicle:

  • Custom power system designed and built in house by Frontline Communications' engineers and technicians.
  • Ducted generator compartment to ensure optimal air flow to prevent generator overheating.
  • Ergonomic workstations with laser etched I/O panels for ease of use.
  • Custom built equipment racks with rear access doors and optimal power and cooling.
  • Ducted air conditioning with separate vents and returns for efficient cooling and heating.
  • Completely smooth skin body with no exterior rivets, designed for 30+ years of service in the most extreme conditions

We are proud to support the men and women serving our country. We know that every vehicle deployment is critical; that’s why each vehicle is designed, built, and tested to ensure it will be ready when needed.



Federal Government Vehicle


Vehicle Specs


Pierce® custom chassis
Freightliner M2-106
Others available

Overall Length

Up to 45’

Body Length

15’ to 34’

Generator Power

Up to 30kW


Up to 4


18,000 to 65,000 lb


Up to 8


Body: 10-years
Paint: 5-years
Electrical: 2-years
Fabricated parts: 5-years
Workmanship: 1-year

Vehicle Equipment


Custom power panel
240V/50A-100A power system
Roof-mount 15,000 BTU or up to 4-ton wall mount HVAC
Red/white dimmable interior lighting
Emergency lighting


Up to 3 full-height equipment racks
Firecom intercom system
HD and thermal cameras
Video routing system
LCD/LED video displays

Popular Options


Multiplex control system
Hydraulic lift gate
Custom aluminum cabinets
Galley w/microwave, coffeemaker, and refrigerator
Pedestal sliding swivel chairs
Electric awning
Roll-up compartment doors
Custom paint and graphics


Angled consoles at workstations
Exterior workstations and monitors
Custom communications console in cab for mounting radios and controllers
Customized A/V, network, radio and phone systems
Cellular signal booster