Outside Broadcast Trucks. Expanding-Side or Straight-Side Trailers. Large and Small Trucks and Vans.

Like all Frontline customers, each International customer receives detailed attention to their vehicle requirements, always considering the individual customer’s environment, workflow and mechanical/electrical systems needs.

Customers in 36 countries have discovered the value and durability of Frontline vehicles for Electronic Field Production (EFP), Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Satellite News Gathering (SNG), making our Outside Broadcast (“O.B.”) vehicles our core strength.

A prime mission of Frontline is to help International customers feel they have a close friend attending to the success of their project. We believe: Your success is our success.

Frontline’s dedication to open and easy communication makes international projects seem as close as the Global Village in which we live. All of us at Frontline treasure the cultural diversity of our customer base and our own work force.

Make an inquiry. Let us show you how we can attend to your success.