Broadcast Live Trucks

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Vehicles built for today’s news and technology.


ENG (electronic news gathering) and DSNG (digital satellite news gathering) vehicles have changed substantially over the years. The format has changed, the content has changed, and the transmission methods have changed. But one thing remains constant - the need for a safe, reliable mobile system to report remote live news and entertainment.

Frontline Communications developed and introduced some of the first microwave and satellite live news vehicles in the 1980’s, and today, Frontline Communications is still a leader in live truck innovations. The Frontline Communications' VIP® power system, Live&Drive™ switchable dual dash camera system, and low-profile FastMast system were developed by Frontline Communications and are now industry standards. The latest Frontline Communications vehicles such as SUV and pickup truck weather chasers, triple-path vehicles (microwave/satellite/cellular), and CENG (cellular electronic news gathering) vehicles are all being used at television stations throughout the country.

At Frontline Communications, safety and reliability are critical, and built into every vehicle. Contact Frontline Communications to discuss your next live truck project.

Live Truck Overview


Vehicle Specs


Ford Transit
Nissan NV
Others available

Overall Length

Up to 24’

Body Length

Up to 24’

Generator Power

Up to 15kW


Not available


Up to 11,040 lb


Up to 6


Paint: 5-years
Electrical: 2-years
Fabricated parts: 5-years
Workmanship: 1-year

Vehicle Equipment


Custom power panel
240V/50A 8kw VIP® power system
Up to 2 roof-mount 15,000 BTU HVAC units
Dimmable interior lighting
42’ FastMast
Custom I/O compartment


Up to 3 full-height equipment racks
HD and thermal cameras
Video routing system
LCD/LED video displays
2Ghz/7Ghz microwave system
IP/Ku or DVB satellite system
Bonded cellular system

Popular Options


Rear slide out storage shelf
Custom aluminum cabinets
Custom roof rack
Passenger swivel seat
Electric awning
Custom paint and graphics


IFB/Intercom systems
Video switchers for light production
MESH systems